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Dinner nights

It is traditional in most Scottish societies and Scottish military regiments for formal dinner evenings to have a piper play throughout the proceedings. Important guests can be honoured by being piped to their place at the top table and led out again after the meal. Pipers traditionally play a short set during the meal.

Many organisations hold formal dinner nights to celebrate appointments, honour special guests or mark a retirement. Pipers can add a Scottish flavour to the night or even just provide an impact that will be talked about for years after.

Some evenings may have a Scottish theme such as Burns night or Saint Andrews night, others might celebrate a special guests Scottish heritage. Either way, the piper can add that prestige that befits the occasion.



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Arrival of the Guests

Pipe at the entrance of your venue during the arrival of your family and guests 

Suggested tunes - Bright, cheerful traditional bagpipe marching tunes and reels and jigs

VIP Guests

VIP guests paraded to their seats with something uplifting such as Highland Laddie

During the meal

A selection of airs, jigs, reels and hornpipes to wow your guests.

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