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For as long as there have been bagpipes they have been used when honouring those that have passed. The military formalised the use of the Great Highland Bagpipe to give their fallen comrades a fitting accompaniment to their final resting place. Now, its more popular amongst the families of native Scots and Irish, those with a Scottish or Irish connection as well as those with no connection, but all have a love for the music of the Great Highland Bagpipe in common.


Typically, a piper would solemnly lead the funeral cortege to either the graveside or chapel, after that, a suitable air or a favourite tune would be played as family and guests follow into chapel or to the graveside. Finally, at the committal, a haunting air will play and fade away as the piper slowly moves off as family and friends are left to their memories and thoughts.

As a former military piper, I have extensive experience of delivering the highest quality of music and presentation to what is one of the most important events of your families lives and leave lasting memories that will leave a lasting tribute to your loved one. The music and points at which I would play are tailored to your requirements.



Leading the cortege

Leading the funeral procession to the chapel or graveside or even through the streets close to home. Suitable music are pieces such as Mist covered mountains or going home.

Entering chapel

A loved ones favourite tune could be played as family and friends follow their loved one into chapel. Popular choices are Skye boat song or Flower of Scotland

The Committal

Amazing Grace or Sleep dearie sleep are excellent choices at the close of the ceremony. For former military personnel it is traditional to play Flowers of the forest.

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